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Portfolio: Technology

Aldus * Aldus Corporation (IPO, subsequently purchased by Adobe, NASDAQ: ADBE)
Developed PageMaker, the premier desktop publishing solution
Dantz * Dantz Development Corporation (original investment in Viathan, purchased by Dantz Development Corporation, subsequently purchased by EMC Corporation, NYSE: EMC)
Storage Virtualization Software for the enterprise
Fios * Fios, Inc.
Premier provider of electronic discovery, merger and acquisition due diligence,
and antitrust review services for law firms and government agencies nationwide
Innova *Innova Corporation (IPO, purchased by Digital Microwave, NASDAQ: DMIC)
Microwave radio solution for wireless communications infrastructure
Chatham * Innovation, Inc. (purchased by Chatham Technologies, subsequently
purchased by Flextronics, NASDAQ: FLEX)
Telecommunications infrastructure provider
Integrex *Integrex, Inc. (purchased by Three-Five Systems, NYSE: TFS)
Electronic manufacturing services for communications and technology companies
Interlinq * Interlinq Software Corporation (IPO, acquired by Harland Financial)
Mortgage banking software solutions
Ioline * Ioline Corporation (exited through a recapitalization transaction)
Designer and marketer of large-scale printer/plotters used in CAD, sign-making,
and the apparel industry
ISR ** ISR, Inc. (acquired by Parker-Hannifin Corporation)
Extremely efficient liquid cooling systems for data center electronics that reduce thermal related failures, decrease energy consumption, lower noise levels, enable electronics densification, and lower total cost of ownership.
NetMotion * NetMotion Wireless, Inc.
Developer of Mobility XE™, the industry-leading mobile VPN
Pacific Edge Software * Pacific Edge Software, Inc. (purchased by SERENA Software)
Enterprise Portfolio Management Solutions
Pacific Star Communications ** Pacific Star Communications, Inc.
Secured, rapidly deployable communications technologies for military, emergency preparedness, and enterprise customers
Payscale ** Payscale, Inc.
Detailed real-time compensation data for consumers and businesses
Phoseon **Phoseon Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of semiconductor light engines for the UV curing of inks, adhesives and coatings
Tegic * Tegic Communications, Inc. (purchased by AOL)
Text input and internet instant messaging solutions for wireless devices
Vantos ** Vantos, Inc.
Enterprise Investigation Management
          *Fund I; **FVP II, L.P.